ELECTRUM RGB Gaming Headset 7.1
ELECTRUM RGB Gaming Headset 7.1
ELECTRUM RGB Gaming Headset 7.1
ELECTRUM RGB Gaming Headset 7.1
ELECTRUM RGB Gaming Headset 7.1
ELECTRUM RGB Gaming Headset 7.1

ELECTRUM RGB Gaming Headset 7.1

VAT included
  • Compatible with PC and PS4. USB connector
  • Immersive 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound delivers the best sound quality in every game
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable headband and padded circular pads for greater comfort and noise isolation. Omnidirectional microphone with antipop filter.
  • RGB backlighting with customizable software



  • Speaker:
    • Speaker dimension: ⌀53mm
    • Impedance: 60±20%
    • Sensitivity: 100±4dB
  • Microphone:
    • Microphone unit: 6*5mm
    • Microphone directivity: Omnidirection
    • Sensitivity: -36±4dBV/Pa 1KHz
  • Cable lenght: 2.4m
  • Plug type: USB

Oversteel Electrum

With Oversteel Electrum you will have the ultimate gaming experience. Its 7.1 sound will make you feel like never before your favorite music or immerse yourself like never before in your favorite games thanks to its surround sound that will take you to a new level of gaming.

Command center

The gaming headphones Electrum RGB 7.1 have their own software from which we can modify all the backlight options that we will have at our disposal of effects and fixed colors.

Maximum comfort

The ergonomic design of the Oversteel Electrum gaming headset has been developed with the aim of providing you with hours of gaming with the best audio quality without appearing fatigue or discomfort after long hours of use.

7.1 premium sound

Made of resistant and durable materials, the Oversteel Electrum RGB 7.1 will provide you with high comfort gaming sessions thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic design that fits your ears gently due to its oval design without causing the trouble to use them for hours. In addition, its 53mm speakers, equipped with RGB lighting, and its large pads, achieve optimal insulation for you to focus on victory.

Quality details

Oversteel Electrum has an omnidirectional microphone with anti-pop filter. Thanks to him we will avoid the annoying noise of a firecracker that may occur. Also, when we don't need it, we can remove the microphone with total comfort and it doesn't bother us.


Electrum is compatible with both PS4 and PC from which we can enjoy all its specifications.