Oversteel Invar Mouse Wireless RGB
Oversteel Invar Mouse Wireless RGB
Oversteel Invar Mouse Wireless RGB
Oversteel Invar Mouse Wireless RGB

Oversteel Invar Mouse Wireless RGB

VAT included
  • High performance Pixart 3325 optical sensor, adjustable up to 10000DPI.
  • Wireless connection. Up to 45 hours of battery life.
  • 8 programmable buttons via proprietary software
  • Huano Switch: more than 20 million clicks lifespan
  • RGB configurable with up to 10 modes of LED light effects available
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design valid for both hands, high quality grip



  • Connection:  Wired & Wireless 2.4Ghz Dual Mode
  • Connection:  Port USB, Charging port Type C
  • Button:  8 buttons
  • Sensor:  PMW 3325
  • Polling Rate:  125/250/500/1000Hz
  • DPI Max:  10000
  • Acceleration:  20G
  • IPS:  100
  • Battery:  500mAh (usage 45 hrs)
  • Dimension:  64x40x125mm
  • Weight:  (not include cable) 104g
  • Switch:  KAILH GM8.0 (80 million clicks)
  • Cable Length:  1.8m nylon braided
  • Software:  Available
  • Features: 4 step Battery Indicator

Oversteel Invar Wireless

Oversteel Invar is a wireless RGB gaming mouse for all gamers who want to take a step forward in their set-up. Invar brings together the best possible features for a gamer mouse such as its pixart 3325 sensor, 10000 DPI and 20G acceleration among many other features. Its RGB backlighting and exclusive software give you that extra configuration you need for every game.

Play wherever you want

Oversteel Invar stands out for its wireless functionality and will allow us to work and play with greater ease by not relying on cables. The wireless mouse has an 800mAh battery and stands out for its versatility. Its battery guarantees up to 45 hours of gaming. Oversteel Invar in its wireless version has dual wired and wireless modes, so we will have all the advantages of being able to use the mouse with or without cables.

Pixart 3325 Optical Sensor

The Oversteel Invar wireless PC mouse incorporates the Pixart 3325 optical sensor, a choice aimed at achieving the highest possible performance for games that require pinpoint accuracy. The best technology in your hand with the security of up to 100 inches per second (IPS) and up to 20G acceleration.

Illumination that shines with its own light

The Oversteel Invar gaming mouse features configurable RGB lighting with up to 10 modes of LED light effects available. Enjoy its multiple color combinations and adapt the ambience of your set-up to every moment or every need. You decide how you want your gaming, work or study space to look.

Designed to last

The Oversteel Invar wireless gaming mouse is designed to last and to ensure maximum comfort. Invar incorporates Huano switch for more than 20 million clicks of life, so we will have a mouse for a long period of time. The gaming peripheral seeks to favor the ergonomics and efficiency of the mouse in any type of game. Its claw-shaped grip will give us an extra point of precision for a genre as demanding as the shooter.

Details designed by and for gamers

The Invar wireless mouse is a must-have for FPS lovers. It incorporates 6 buttons to increase or decrease the DPI, forward, backward, the aforementioned fire button and a battery indicator that lights up red depending on the percentage remaining.

Proprietary and customizable software

The Oversteel Invar software allows you to configure its eight buttons to adjust them to the needs of each player and the type of game or task to be performed at any given time.