Oversteel Krypto Gaming Monitor...
Oversteel Krypto Gaming Monitor...
Oversteel Krypto Gaming Monitor...
Oversteel Krypto Gaming Monitor...
Oversteel Krypto Gaming Monitor...
Oversteel Krypto Gaming Monitor...
Oversteel Krypto Gaming Monitor...

Oversteel Krypto Gaming Monitor KR27VQ14K 27” Curved R1500 16:9 QHD 144Hz

VAT included
  • This 27-inch, 2560 * 1440 QHD gaming monitor delivers incredibly sharp images with Full HD resolution, a VA curved panel
  • Super fast 1ms response time (MRTP) and 144Hz refresh rate for maximum enjoyment of fast-moving games
  • Supports AMD FreeSync and G-Sync technologies to improve monitor and graphics card refresh rates, reducing screen skipping and clipping
  • With low intensity blue light technology to prevent eyes from getting tired during long gaming sessions
  • Frameless frameless design that offers a fluid and continuous vision to get you fully into the game; excellent for multi-display setups
  • Rear RGB Led



  • 27” QHD 2560*1440@144Hz 
  • Curved R1500  16:9  VA
  • Frameless
  • sRGB99%,NTSC85%,DCI-P3 85%,Adobe RGB85%  
  • Brightness: 300(typ), 250(min) 
  • Interface: 2HDMI1.4+HDMI2.0+DP1.4+Audio out
  • Response time: 1Ms(MPRT) 
  • Fixed stand base
  • LED Light effect (Purple single)
  • Adaptive Sync
  • Low blue light
  • VESA compatible:75*75mm

Oversteel Krypto KR27VQ14K joins the catalog of gamer monitors, with perfect features to play your favorite titles, among which its QHD resolution of 2560 * 1440 pixels, its 144Hz refresh rate and its spectacular curved screen with VA technology stand out. 27 inches. This monitor from the Krypto series cannot be missing from your set-up, if you are looking to sweep your games.

QHD resolution on curved screen

The Krypto KR27VQ14K gaming monitor from Oversteel, has features designed for the most demanding gamers. Its 27-inch curved R1500 screen, with VA technology, is spectacular to enjoy not only your favorite titles, but any content in a spectacular way. In addition, its QHD resolution of 2560 * 1440 pixels, on its screen with frameless design, ensures an incredible gaming experience and the possibility of configuring multiple screens with impressive results.

The best features

This 27-inch model has a curved screen, with VA technology, which contributes to a perfect player vision, so that nothing escapes you. Highlights its response time of 1MS MPRT, and its refresh rate of up to 144Hz, which will provide you with a smooth gaming experience. Thanks to its G-Sync and Freesync compatibility, your graphics will perform at its best, reaching 165 images per second, making Krypto KR27VQ14K the perfect complement to discharge adrenaline with the fastest and most frenetic games. And, with its purple light rear LED, you will have that extra gamer touch that makes the difference.

Forget tiredness and eyestrain

Play for hours with this monitor, designed with the best performance in terms of visual health. Forget about fatigue, thanks to the imperceptible blue light filter of Low Blue Light technology. With Krypto KR27VQ14K there will be nothing to stop you, no matter how demanding your game is.

Accessible connections

Oversteel Krypto KR27VQ14K comes prepared with various connectors on its back, so you can connect your devices comfortably. Among its ports we find a DisplayPort 1.2, which will allow it to reach a 144 Hz refresh rate, two HDMI 1.4, an HDMI2.0 and the audio connector. In addition, it has the option of mounting VESA 75x75, to place the gamer monitor in the most comfortable position for you.